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Pioneer VSX-1021-K: Does this home theatre receiver pack enough punch to make it into your living room?

As I continued my search for the perfect HDMI receiver, I came across the Pioneer VSX-1021-K 7.1 Home Theater Receiver. This receiver caught my eye because it’s loaded with features for the movie and music lover. I also was very interested in the Pioneer VSX-1021-K because it has several features geared towards the Apple user and since my wife has many of those products (ipad, ipod, etc) I thought this might be a receiver that could be very usable for both of us.

What You Should Consider When Buying an HDMI receiver

Even though this receiver sounded great for my household I still put it through the same rigorous research process that I did with the previous receiver. I was determined to find the best HDMI receiver within my budget. Below are the points I found most important in determining whether the Pioneer VSX-1021 will become my new receiver.

  • HDMI Audio Support
  • Apple Friendly
  • Price
  • Extra Features
  • Warranty
  • iPhone/iPod Compatible
  • User Friendliness

I was dying to get rid of my old receiver and replace it with a shiny new HDMI receiver, but I reined by excitement in. I didn’t want to make an impulse purchase. I wanted to make an informed decision based on research and a comparison of several HDMI receivers. So keep reading and I will tell you all you need to know about the Pioneer VSX-1021!

HDMI Audio Support

The Pioneer VSX-1021 meets all expectations in this area with the latest in HDMI technology including: 3D, Audio Return Channel, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. All of which will ensure wonderful bold sound coming from your speakers!

Great for Apple Lovers

Pioneer VSX-1021-K iPadOne of the coolest things about Pioneer VSX-1021 is that it works with virtually all of your apple products. Just plug any Apple portable device into the VSX-1021 with the included USB cable and enjoy itunes music, download movies from iTunes and share videos, photos and so much more. You can even use your iPad as a powerful remote control. As an added bonus, your apple products will automatically charge when connected to the receiver.


One of the most attractive features of the Pioneer VSX-1021-K 7.1 is the price! Currently the price comes in at under $350.00, making this a great receiver with tons of features at a great price!


Pioneer VSX-1021-K WirelessAnother feature that sets the VSX-1021 apart from other receivers is that it is one of few that come with AirPlay. Stream music straight from your iTunes library and play it through your home theater system! This can be done quickly and easily by connecting the Pioneer receiver to your home network via Ethernet or Pioneers optional wireless adapter and you will instantly be connected to your iTunes library. That is only one of the many features of the Pioneer VSX-1021-K 7.1 I have listed a few more below:

  • Power/ Channels (20Hz – 20kHz @ 8 Ohms)-80×5
  • HDMI 1.4a Inputs-4
  • 3D Ready
  • Audio Return Channel
  • MCACC Room Calibration
  • Bluetooth Ready (opt. adapter required)
  • iPod, iPhone, iPad Compatible
  • Advanced Video Processing

Does It Include a Warranty?

Similar to other receivers I have been looking at the Pioneer VSX -1021 does not come with a warranty. You can however purchase a warranty if you want to have that added protection and peace of mind. A warranty for this Pioneer HDMI receiver will run you about $70 for a 4 year that covers accidents and $40 for a 3, or 2 year.

iPhone Compatible

The VSX-1021 is not only iPhone and iPod compatible, but it’s also Bluetooth ready unlike the Onkyo TX-NR609 I looked at. This is just another added feature that makes this an incredibly versatile HDMI receiver.

Friendly to the Average User?

From the research I did on this receiver it appears that once set up the features are very easy to use and the instruction manual easy to follow. Apple users seem to find the Apple features easy to use also.

What Others Are Saying

The Pioneer VSX-1021-K 7.1 Home Theater Receiver has received very respectable marks on Amazon with an average of 4 stars. Below are some of the comments:

“Very Happy with the Pioneer”
“Outstanding Product”
“Love It…”
“For Me this is perfect!”
“Great Receiver”
“Very Good Receiver”
“Excellent Value”
“Great So Far.”
“Excellent Sound and Easy Setup!”

Any Complaints

During my research I did not find many complaints on this receiver. One person did say that the system could overall be a little faster and that it was a bit slow when you first turn it on, but I don’t find this very unusual for a receiver with so many features. Also, this may vary depending on how many devices you have connected to your Pioneer.

Where Can You Buy the Pioneer VSX-1021-K 7.1 Home Theater Receiver?

You can Purchase the VSX-1021-K from Amazon. At the moment currently selling for under $400 and from what I can tell when comparing prices with other online merchants, Amazon does currently have the best deal available. I also see that Amazon is offering free shipping on this product, making it an even better deal! Click here to view on Amazon.

Where can you read more reviews on the Pioneer VSX-1021-K 7.1? Receiver?

The best place for reviews from people who actually use the product is Amazon. Click here to read more.

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